We started in Hostomel

On November 7 - a week ago, we officially announced our Public Movement - Friends of Patron, which began to teach schoolchildren of the Bucha district about the dangers of mines!

To join us you must:

  • be a pupil
  • complete our Mine Safety training
  • pass a test
  • participate in our contest 
  • pass on your knowledge to friends and acquaintances

Our achievements during this time

  • 6 our volunteers passed the certification test. 
  • We conducted a first lesson at Lyceum No. 1 of the hero city of Hostomel. This is the only school that has resumed its work there so far.
  • started our lessons at school No. 1 of the hero city of Irpin.

Our next goal is to start our lessons at other schools of Irpin and in the hero city of Bucha!

See you soon, future friends of Patron, we will shortly come to you!

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