!The friends of Patron has started!

When I found out that the Red Cross is launching a project – "Mine danger" I immediately decided to lead it.

The main objective of this program is to raise the awareness of our people about the risks and effects of mines and explosive remnants of war. 
And the main task of our volunteers is not just to spread information about various kinds of threats, but first of all, to change people`s behavior

I put out a call among the residents of our area, and received 51 applications from those willing to join me.

We chose 20 people for whom we conducted a theoretical class, and left 10 willing to undergo full training to obtain an instructor certificate.
On October 27, we finished the 4-day training for volunteers, and now I have my own team, that will work with the residents of our region.

Training of our volunteers:

We have a unique situation in our country - three hero cities are very close to each other, creating a special triangle:

  • Irpin
  • Bucha
  • Gostomel

From the first days of the full-scale invasion of the Russian army, they took the blow, and my native Irpin stopped the enemy on the approach to our capital. This is where we start.

But not just like that...

I decided to start this training with the children of our cities - because according to official statistics, they are in the main risk group. They are always drawn to places where it is dangerous - abandoned equipment, landfills, afforestation, etc. 
That's why we are starting with our schools, realizing that it is very difficult to study now because of constant air alarms and blackouts.
But we understand all the risks and are ready to work even in such conditions. The price of this knowledge is too high.
Next, we decided to draw the attention of the maximum number of children to this topic and make their learning more interesting and fun. Therefore, we turned to the best specialists in this field!

And the best and most famous mine expert, whom every Ukrainian child knows, is Patron the dog. He has already found and neutralized more than one thousand deadly ammunition.

Therefore, we started a new public movement:

"Friends of the Patron" 

What is needed to join us is to meet the following conditions:

  • age from 6 to 17 years
  • complete our Mine Hazard training
  • pass a test on knowledge of the material
  • take part in our competition 
  • share your knowledge with friends and acquaintances

Today, the competition is simple - a drawing on the topic we set.

After that, you get the honorary title of "Friend of Patron".

Everything is simple!

I also want to highlight the fact that my brother Serhii, who became my partner in this project, joined my team of volunteers.

See you soon, future friends of Patron, we will shortly come to you!

P.S. Of course, in the photo with me it is not Patron, but his friend Rolex, whom I once met in my favorite Central Park in Irpin!

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