In October 2022, in the Bucha district of the Kyiv region started "Mine Danger" project from the Red Cross, headed by Oleksandr Tovstonog

We've recruited and trained team of volunteers, with the main task - handle training session to change people's behavior regarding explosive objects.

At the beginning of November, we launched the the Public Movement "Friends of Patron", in order to draw the attention of children to the topic of Mine Safety

Patron the dog - is the most famous Ukrainian dog in the world of the Jack Russell Terrier breed who serves in our State Service for Emergency Situations (DSNS) and is engaged in demining Ukraine.

Our team started holding classes in the schools of three hero cities: Irpin, Bucha and Gostomel. Since the first day of the large-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, there have been active battles in these cities, and they stopped the enemy, not allowing him to reach our capital - Kyiv.

During 2 last months of 2022 we handled 113 training sessions and teach 1719 children


In order to increase the engagement of kids and make them more interested in learning, in the middle of November 2022 we launched drawing competition "Friends of Patron", where children drew imaginary heroes from different parts of Ukraine and from all over the world.

As a result, from five schools of the Buchan district  we've received 287 drawings and each of them was accompanied by a unique mini-story. We selected and awarded 42 students, whose work seemed to us the most creative and interesting.


After receiving the first drawings, we decided to implement the most interesting and daring children's ideas into a full-fledged  NFT collection "Friends of Patron", with the aim of popularizing our mine safety movement in Ukraine and around the world.

We collected all the images, divided them into several themes, and digitized them with the help of a professional artist.

As a result, we got a large-scale NFT collection, which will consist of three lines:


International is the most massive, it is dedicated to fictional Friends of Patron from all over the world.
These are dogs of the same breed, but of different countries and continents, nationalities, skin color, clothes, etc.
7000  drawings - дата виходу 24.01.2023 року


Ukrainian - fictional Patron's Friends from different regions of Ukraine, in national clothes, with various attributes and the most delicious Ukrainian dishes.
700 drawings  - estimated release date - mid-February 2023


Professional - possible professions of the Patron's friends in peaceful life. Here, each picture will be unique and we plan to create about 70 of them. - inspired by children's ideas regarding possible professions of Patron's Friends in peaceful life after the victory of Ukraine. Each image will be unique.
70 drawings  - estimated release date - end of February - beginning of March 2023


 50% of the raised funds we'll donate for charity purposes in Bucha district for school equipment, housing reconstruction, joint projects with partner funds.

Next, we aim to create our own charity fund that will focus on Mine Hazard training at the whole of Ukraine level - training, demining and assistance to victims.

Every six months, we plan to publish new collections and other unique things, along with our primary mine safety activity.

Our NFTteam

Our collections are created and promoted by a small NFT team

Oleksandr Tovstonog- the author of the idea, co-founder of the project, and responsible for strategy and development.
Sergey Tovstonog- co-founder, responsible for the entire technical and technological part.
Sergiy Redega - artist, responsible for all art-related things.