Friends of Patron gain momentum

These are news of the last week
This time, almost all our schools worked as usual, but with constant air alarms and blackouts.

We have already agreed on Mine Safety classes with some educational institutions on a permanent basis - once a week for 5-7 groups of students.

Our achievements during this time

  • spent two educational days at school No. 12 of Irpin.
  • have started classes at school No. 5 of Bucha and we will now work there every week.
  • We agreed to start the classes next week at school No. 12 of Irpin and school No. 5 of Bucha.
  • We conducted the first lesson in a bomb shelter – at the same school during the air raid.
  • We spent an educational day at school No. 17 of Irpin.
  • We received the first 50+ drawings from the "Friends of Patron" competition from pupils of Hostomel.
  • In total, we reached the number of 200+ schoolchildren this week.

We launched a unique drawing competition - "Friends of Patron" in 3 schools, and we are looking forward to seeing children's works.

See you soon, future friends of Patron, we will shortly come to you!

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