Friends of Patron`s first class

Good afternoon, we are from Hostomel!

Here we will talk about the very first class of our project on Mine Hazard "Friends of Patron"  for children of the Bucha district. It was held on November 3 in the city of Hostomel. This is one of those cities in our region that was occupied from the very first day of the full-scale invasion. Therefore, it was the first in our country to be awarded the honorary title - Hero City!

Hostomel suffered extensive damage, and many local residents lost their homes and jobs there. Hostomel children saw the military operations with their own eyes.
Now, unfortunately, they have grown up a lot in these eight and a half months and know a lot more about the war than many adults.
Each of their stories is worthy of special attention and shows personal heroism and resilience.
There were stories about how they found mines in their houses, came across remnants of rockets, and fenced off dangerous places themselves. We heard a lot of things that, hopefully, our children would never know or see. 

Currently, there is only one educational institution in Hostomel - Lyceum No. 1, which was created on the basis of the 13th school.

Let me remind you the main goals of our classes:

  • tell about the main risks
  • protect against possible consequences 
  • to change the behavior

As a result, almost 50 children received new knowledge and skills. There we finally decided to conduct our classes specifically for schoolchildren.
We were asked a lot of the right questions and had lively discussions.
The students learned from usa lot about encountering hazards and changing their behavior in relation to explosive substances.
They liked the training and successfully mastered the new material. This was shown by a personal survey of all participants at the end of the session.
I hope that children won`t only learn this material themselves but will also spread it among their friends and relatives.

They promised us this - which means they will do it!


There we first launched the drawing competition - "Friends of Patron" "Friends of Patron", and more than 50 children sent us their works, which impressed us with their creativity and wonderful ideas.
After that, we had a very bold thought to implement the best children's works in the NFT-collection, and we have already started to work on it with a professional artist. There will definitely be more than one theme and series of drawings, but we will tell you about everything later!

Our drawing contests continue in various schools of the Bucha district, we will soon talk about them separately. And what topic we are currently painting, only those Friends of Patron who have passed our training on Mine Hazard know.
For now, we can say that it is about peace, about friendship and about Ukraine!
Thanks Hero City of Hostomel and its heroic children - you are incredible! We all have a lot of work ahead!

Other schools await us, where thousands of our children study.  

See you soon, future friends of Patron, we will shortly come to you!

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