Results of the Month of Friends of Patron

Good day!
A month has passed since the Friends of Patron project started, so it's time to summarize the first results.

Let us remind you that the main goal of our Mine Risk Education is:

  • tell about the main risks
  • protect against possible consequences
  • to change the behavior

As promised, we knocked on the doors of many schools in our district.
But during the month, all educational institutions were repeatedly closed and moved to remote learning due to the threat of aerial attacks.
So far, we are not conducting online classes, although we already have plans to develop online training on this topic.

Given all this, we managed to gain full momentum only since November 20.

Here are the statistics we have received as of today:

  1. We work in 4 cities: Irpin, Bucha, Gostomel, Mykhailivska Rubezivka.
  2. We conduct training sessions on a regular basis in six schools: three in Irpin and one in Bucha, one in Gostomel, and one in Mykhailivska Rubezivka
  3. Covered 71 classes (grades 1-11)
  4. Conducted live training with 1134 children

After 2 weeks of work, we believe that this is a very cool result.

During this time, we were in:

  • regular classrooms
  • libraries
  • assembly halls

We even held two lectures in bomb shelters - during the air raid, and if there was no light to show presentations - showed presentations on our laptops.

We also launched a unique Friends of Patron drawing contest in each school. Now we are summarizing its results.

We can say that Friends of Patron passed their first baptism of fire with flying colors. Now the task is to consolidate and further develop our results.

We know that children will soon have winter holidays, so we have very little time until the end of the year. I am grateful to the heads of our schools for their support and understanding of the mine safety importance.

Special thanks to our volunteers - although there are only a few of you now, you are the best!

See you soon, future friends of Patron, we will shortly come to you!

Have a safe and explosion-free life!

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