First class in 2023

Good afternoon, these are Friends of Patron!
We held the first class on Mines Hazard in 2023 on January 9 at the wonderful private school TGI-Academy in Irpin.

This school is not at all similar to what we have seen before or are used to seeing in our educational institutions. A bright two-story building with its own sports ground, a large hall, equipped classrooms, and a gym. And at the entrance, we were immediately given shoe covers!

It seemed as if children do not come here for lessons, but to have fun and relax.
And here, no more than 50 of them are studying offline today!

Classes were held in a spacious hall with a large screen, while the children were sitting and listening to us on a large carpet.

They did not just sit - some could even lie down. However, everyone took part in the discussions very actively and with interest. Moreover, many children possessed the correct professional terminology and showed their real knowledge.
And all these children are only in 1-3 grades!

The most active at the end of the lesson received small souvenirs from the Friends of Patron!

Next, we held classes for grades 6-8 - here, as always, the students were more restrained and rational.
With them the questions are always more practical, for example:

  • how many kilograms of explosives can such a projectile contain?
  • why does this mine work this way and not otherwise?
  • what to do when you find yourself in a minefield?

In a nutshell, you have to answer a large number of practical questions, to which you do not always know the exact answer. But it stimulates us, as instructors, to constantly improve our knowledge and look for new information – which the children will suddenly ask about.

I want to remind you that the main goal of our lessons is not to talk about the technical characteristics of mines and other ammunition, but to change the behavior of people when they meet the explosive materials and to set them up for the right actions.

At the end of the classes, we were given a tour of the school's classrooms - each class is unique and has its atmosphere. We would love to study here too!

Meanwhile, most of the schools in our region are finishing up the last days of the vacation, we are already ready for the new academic semester!

See you soon, future friends of Patron, we will shortly come to you!
Have a safe and explosion-free life!

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