Нагороджуємо Друзів Патрона

Good day!
Last week we had a moto - "We reward the Friends of Patron who took part in the drawing competition"

We received a total of 287 drawings from 5 schools in 3 of our hero cities - Irpin, Bucha, and Gostomel. We selected the winners and awarded them with gifts.

This week we:

  • 1st lyceum of Gostomel - 56 drawings and 11 nominees
  • 1st school of Irpin - 26 works and 3 winners
  • 12th school of Irpin - 46 drawings and 6 nominees
  • 5th school of Bucha - 55 works and 6 winners
  • 17th school of Irpin - 104 drawings and 16 winners

In total, we awarded 42 schoolchildren for their beautiful works.

We also organized a wonderful holiday for St. Nicholas in Bucha school No. 5, where we conducted mine risk training for 30 schoolchildren and distributed more than 600 sweet gifts.

We have finished our classes for children this year - and we have very ambitious plans for the next year!

See you, future friends of Patron, in the New Year 2023 - we will come to you soon!

Have a safe and explosion-free life!

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