Regarding our NFT collections

Good afternoon, we are Friends of Patron!

Before the New Year it's time to talk in more detail about the idea of our NFT collection, which we have already mentioned more than once.

We had three topics for the children's drawing competition, after which 287 works were received from 5 schools of our three hero cities: Irpin, Bucha and Hostomel:

1) Patron's friends from different countries and continents.

2) Patron's friends from different parts of Ukraine.

3) Possible peaceful professions for Friends of Patron in a calm life after our Victory.

All of these were images that only children could imagine.

After receiving the first works, we immediately made the goal to popularize our movement all over the world by translating the most interesting and daring children's ideas into a complete collection of NFT drawings.

These will be unique digital images that can be purchased by anyone from any corner of the world. Whereas, the collected funds will help us to support many people and to expand our project.

And now a few words about the technical part:

We don't just digitize children's drawings, we take the most interesting ideas from them, refine them to the required format and reproduce them. 

At this stage, we needed someone with artistic talent, creative thinking and technical skills in working with electronic drawings. After all, embodying children's ideas is a great responsibility.

We met Serhiy Redyoga in Hostomel - he is a volunteer in the charity fund of our friends "Victory of Ukraine", he comes from Kharkiv and is now conducting drawing courses for Hostomel children.

Serhiy was also the author of the idea and the main performer of the already famous ground mural Dream in the park "Shchaslyvyy" ("Happy") in Hostomel with an area of 1179 square meters, on which more than 300 kg of paint was spent.

He was charmed by our idea and added his artistic skills to it.

As a result, we decided to create a large NFT collection, which will consist of three series:

  1. International – the most massive, which will be dedicated to Friends of Patron from all over the world.

There will be about 7,000 digital drawings.

2) Ukrainian - Friends of Patron from different parts of Ukraine, approximately consisting of 700 pieces with greater uniqueness.

3) Professional - possible professions of the Patron's friends in peaceful life. Here, each picture will be unique and we plan to create about 70 of them

The first series is technically almost ready and we plan to place it for public access in the second half of January 2023. The next ones will be released only after the official start and sale of the previous one.

The future owners of each of our NFT paintings immediately become members of our international “Friends of Patron” club and join our fabulous community.

We already have our website "Friends of Patron" and a Twitter account. A separate NFT site is also under development. Then everything is as it should be - roadmaps, whitelists and all kinds of technical attributes - but we'll leave that for the professional NFT crowd.

The main aim for us is to send 50% of the collected funds to charity in the Bucha district - school equipment, housing reconstruction, joint projects with partner funds, etc. We will scale our Mine Hazard project to the level of our entire country.

But that's all in our plans...

n the meantime - who wants to follow our digital projects - subscribe to our twitter -

Despite the New Year holidays, our work continues - together we can do a lot of good things for Ukraine!

See you soon, future friends of Patron from all over the planet, happy New Year!

Дуже скоро ми зустрінемося!

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